Posted by: myrahkids | June 20, 2008

How to make s’mores

This is how I make s’mores:

Here are the ingredients you need:
2 Graham Crackers
1 Chocolate
1 Marshmallow

First you put the chocolate on the Grapham Cracker so it gives it taste.

Then you put the marshmallow on, but you can’t eat it yet.

Then you put it in the microwave or you could roast the marshmallows. That melts them.

Then you put it in the microwave and press start and wait until it looks like it’s going to explode.

Then you put the marshmallow on the graham cracker on the chocolate and smush it together.

Then it’s ready to be eaten. And it’s really good!

Then you serve it.

Then you eat it and Mmm it looks good and it tastes good!

That’s my advise for making s’mores.

Posted by: myrahkids | May 13, 2008

Trolls at the Commonweal in Lanesboro

 Some  of  my  friend’s… Their name’s are Jill and David .My family and I went to their play. The play was called Peer Gynt. It was about a Norwegian guy. It was in Lanesboro. The best part was when we saw the trolls. The trolls had long noses and had tales. It was fun . I liked it a lot.         

Posted by: myrahkids | April 30, 2008

Making baking pancakes

Here I am to bake pancakes. Eggs come from chickens.

I am cracking the egg. Tomorrow I am going to make fire out of sticks. (Mamma says: I don’t know where that came from)

Whisk it good.



Mixing flour and milk into the little teeny tiny bowl. (It’s getting late, he’s silly : ))

Sugar is good!!! Mmmmm

Putting the pancakes on the hot flaming pan. (Mamma says: I assure you – NO flaming pan, just hot)

We’re eating pancakes. Made by Jakob.

Note from Mom:

Jakob loves to bake and I try to let him help as often as possible. Of course he hast to take turns with his sisters, but he’s always ready to bake. Here is the recipe for the pancakes Jakob made.

1 egg
1 T sugar
1 t vanilla
1/2 t salt
3 t baking powde
2 T oil
1-1/4 C flour
1 C milk

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These are all my dogs .(Except 4) Enjoy!

This is a picture of all the dogs.(HINT THE LITTLE ONES ARE ON THE BOTTOM)

This is Lady she’s a Golden Retriever .She’s the biggest, and fun to snuggle.

This is Bridget I got her from Wisconsin Dells.

This is Rosa or as we call her Pinky.Her friends are Bridget and Elsie who is coming up

This is Pinkys friend Elsie. Sheis my sisters.

This is Ruffy ,she is my sisters.I think he’s kindove like a puddle.

This is my brothers I do not now his name.He got it at Kohl’s and it had a puppy with it.

These are the little puppies I was taking about .The four little ones are from a present I got.


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My art

I like the ocean and all the creatures inside of it. And sometimes I like to go swimming in the ocean.

I like the woods because of all the animals inside. And the apples on appletrees are very very good.

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My Chair

I got this Lighting Mcqueen chair from grandma and grandpa for my fourth birthday. Lightning Mcqueen eats slushies and gas. : ) (Mamma says: this kid’s ready for bed!)

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Hi I’m Jakob and I’m almost five. My favorite movie is the Water horse. I like to ride my bike over the big bumps. I like to snuggle my Mamma.

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I love Cats & Kittens!!!

Here are a bunch of my stuffed animals. I like to pretend to be a cat.

These are my stuffed animals, but they’re only cats.

This cat is Cinnamon. I got it when I was sick and it reminds me of our old cat that ran away.

This is Miss Mittens. I told my Mamma the name and she approved. I think it is really cute. She’s one of the smallest

This is Tiger. It is one of my favorites because it reminds me of my old kitten that ran away with two of her friends and they were older than her. She was a cute kitten and she was almost about to die so we took her and fed her. I really loved her.

This is Buddy. It is my sisters. She got it from my little brother Jakob, because he went to the doctor and got two stuffed animals.

This is Stripes. She is my sisters also. We pretend that she is a sister to Tiger. They have fun playing together.

This is Clementine. I got her from my brother when he went to the doctor. The same as Buddy. I really like this one.

This is a picture of all of us together and I love it. Hope you read my next blog. See ya!

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It’s spring…

…and the flowers will come up and the dandelions…and we’re gonna get a new puppy! (Mamma thinks NOT)…and we’re gonna get playstation (Mamma says okay)…and we’re gonna get kitties (Mamma says no problem). I took these pictures for our new blog.

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Our Playhouse

Our playhouse used to be and old garage. But then my Pappa built it into a playhouse. It’s fun to play in it and sometimes when it’s deerseason my cousins come over and they warm up in our playhouse. This winter after we were done sledding we would go in and have pizza and warm up and then we would do some more sledding.

Here is our playhouse.

This is my brothers and my snowboard. I can ride it in the winter, but my brother is still learning.

This is the view that you can see if you stand on the porch of our playhouse. It is a beautiful view.

This is the pipe that goes into our stove in the playhouse.

This the stove that I was talking about. The stove that heats the playhouse up.

This is me! Maria. I am seven years old and I will be eight in August. That’s pretty much all.