Posted by: myrahkids | April 27, 2008

Our Playhouse

Our playhouse used to be and old garage. But then my Pappa built it into a playhouse. It’s fun to play in it and sometimes when it’s deerseason my cousins come over and they warm up in our playhouse. This winter after we were done sledding we would go in and have pizza and warm up and then we would do some more sledding.

Here is our playhouse.

This is my brothers and my snowboard. I can ride it in the winter, but my brother is still learning.

This is the view that you can see if you stand on the porch of our playhouse. It is a beautiful view.

This is the pipe that goes into our stove in the playhouse.

This the stove that I was talking about. The stove that heats the playhouse up.

This is me! Maria. I am seven years old and I will be eight in August. That’s pretty much all.



  1. Hi Maria,

    Your playhouse looks like a great place to hang out, especially after playing in the snow in winter time!

    And I love the view–your playhouse would be very valuable property in my city! (Calgary AB Canada)

    Have a great day, and keep blogging!


  2. When I was a little girl, I would have LOVED a playhouse. You are so lucky! I know you have lots of fun in there. Don’t get too close to the stove!!

    Anne from Texas

  3. You guys rock! Awesome blog. Thanks for letting me take a look. Rich from DWF

  4. I have a playhouse too. Its very different to yours!

  5. Hi Lulu, Rich, and Erica I like your pictures they are very cool. Thanks for sending me a comment. I really hope that you can look at my other post.

    Hi Anne, thanks for your comment.

    Love Maria

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