Posted by: myrahkids | April 30, 2008


These are all my dogs .(Except 4) Enjoy!

This is a picture of all the dogs.(HINT THE LITTLE ONES ARE ON THE BOTTOM)

This is Lady she’s a Golden Retriever .She’s the biggest, and fun to snuggle.

This is Bridget I got her from Wisconsin Dells.

This is Rosa or as we call her Pinky.Her friends are Bridget and Elsie who is coming up

This is Pinkys friend Elsie. Sheis my sisters.

This is Ruffy ,she is my sisters.I think he’s kindove like a puddle.

This is my brothers I do not now his name.He got it at Kohl’s and it had a puppy with it.

These are the little puppies I was taking about .The four little ones are from a present I got.




  1. I love the doggies! They look so cute all snuggled up against each other. This is a great “family” portrait. Lady looks like the proud momma!

    Do all the doggies and kitties get along?? Ha!

    Anne from Texas

  2. HI Anne!
    Lady is the mama and the dad died.The dogs and cats don’t get along and its hard for the little dogs.


  3. Hi Stine! I’m sorry about the daddy.

    I’ll bet the tiny dogs have to stay far away from the kitty cats.

    It’s funny sometimes how dogs are afraid of cats.

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